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Are you committed to developing your emotional intelligence and intuition, to actively create the best possible version of you? Miguel Angel Silva is a dedicated energy channeler which he sees people, images, words, places, emotions, relationships, and blocks connected to you. In addition, he uses his psychic and intuition abilities to connect with you. As an empath, he can feel what people feel emotionally and because of this he can pinpoint exactly what you are feeling through the direct connection with the energy of your emotions and physical symptoms.

His readings are delivered in the way that you can best receive them, and you will always receive solid strategies and tips about how to move forward. He gets guided to go back and forth between intuitive coaching and reading allowing him to expand the reading experience for you by giving his strategies and techniques that can help to resolve the challenges that the reading reveals. Get clarity, insight and the wisdom to make empowered choices with his professional reading. 

This private session is 60 minutes long and includes a FREE 30 minute follow up call to use any time after your private session.

Once you process your payment scheduling consultation is done by email to *Conducted via internet using ZOOM Application (available for international clients)


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