We each carry messages from the stars and when we align with our core stellar information, life becomes more purposeful and magical. In this reading Miguel Angel Silva will reveal to you on whats written in the stars for you to awaken your core messages and embody stellar energies to create a passionate and purpose filled life. Are you ready to be empowered by the stars that gave birth to you so that you can rise above all challenges and become one with divine love?

One of the extraordinary advantages of this reading it begins a process to heal your soul’s journey and awaken your stellar imprints through awareness. When your energy field is pure and when you have released resistance, it is simpler to send out the vibration of your desires from your heart and allow the manifestation energy to flow through you. Miguel Silva will reveal step by step through your astrology chart for you to have better clarity for you to manage your life’s purpose. You will go through NATAL, PROGRESS CHARTS & SYNASTRY.

NATAL- Your natal chart gives clues to your major life lessons, shows your destiny, reveals your personality traits and hidden desires, as well as points the way to your soul’s purpose. It shows you a snapshot of where the planets and luminaries were at the exact moment of your birth and, therefore, carries a map of the energy you’re working with in this lifetime.” So, even a set of twins born a few minutes apart will have different charts.

PROGRESSED- When we look at progressed charts, the individual is not so much “molding” into the next sign along, but he or she becomes more aware of, and consciously involved with the values of the next sign along. Charts progress at certain periods of our lives. You might already be familiar with astrological “transits,” but astrological “progressions” are another predictive tool that helps astrologers assess the major changes you will experience over the course of your life. Progressions are, in a sense, the way the cosmos manifest through us, as compared with a transit, which manifests on us. In other words, before an event manifests in our outer world, on some level we’re going to make a change on an internal level first.

SYNASTRY- There are many factors to consider when examining the potential of a relationship from an astrological standpoint. An astrology chart consists of a sun sign, moon sign, rising sign and eight planets; each planet rules a particular area of life and should be taken into consideration when assessing compatibility between two people. Synastry, also known as relationship astrology, involves the comparison of two astrological charts to determine areas of strength and weakness in a relationship. Synastry is a valuable resource for people who want to examine their relationship with another person based on aspects between each person’s birth charts.

Benefits of Astrology Reading with Miguel Silva:

Experience the journeys and expand your consciousness, raise your vibration and begin to automatically align with your higher purpose and attract solutions.

Receive energy and information from the stars to heal, transform and manifest. Increase your abundance vibration. Strengthen your connection with the stars.

Manifest your goals by infusing stellar and heart energies. And a lot more that words cannot describe.

This private session is 120 minutes long and includes a FREE 30 minute follow up call to use any time after your private session.

You will need to provide Date of Birth, Exact time when you were born, and Location. Session will be recorded and available for replay as an option at no extra charge.

Once you process your payment scheduling consultation is done by email to *Conducted via internet using ZOOM Application (available for international clients)


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