By using Sacred Geometry Visualizations, energy techniques, and connecting with a team of guides, Miguel Silva is able to simply channel techniques using creativity and imagination. The result of this is immediate and leaves you clear and light, aligned, transformed and Activated. A brand new calibrated you.

STEP ONE OPENING YOUR HEART ENERGY CENTER:- Miguel Silva will be transmitting the frequencies and Geometry Codes that help you open your Heart Energy Center. This center creates flow and assists you in experiencing love. You can work with it to experience blissful, calm states of emotional flow, peace, and relaxation. You can use this center to further enhance your ability to stay emotionally balanced and neutral around negative energies. You can stay connected upward, centered in the light, calm, peaceful, and at one with your inner self no matter what is going on around you.

STEP TWO ACTIVATING YOUR HIGHER ENERGY CENTERS: – Miguel Silva will be transmitting the frequencies and Geometry Codes that help you Activate your Higher Energy Centers. This will show you how to work with your mental body and connect with the Universal Mind to experience higher, more positive and unlimited thoughts, and to manifest what you want in accordance with the higher purpose of your life. Miguel Silva will show you how to watch your thoughts as they set up, then add a higher frequency to them. You will explore states of consciousness that expand the way you think, bringing illumination, insights, and focused awareness. You can learn to change negative, more limited thoughts into positive, expanded thoughts. Your thoughts can reflect the truth of who you are – loving, intuitive, clear, and full of fresh, original ideas about any area you think of. Miguel Silva will take you on journeys through the void, and to experience more light. You will learn ways to have a quiet mind and to stop mental chatter.

STEP THREE BUILDING YOUR GROUNDED ENERGY CENTERS: – Miguel Silva will be transmitting the final stage. These Grounded Energy Centers create the power base of your Light Codes (they are not the chakras). When they are grounded, you can remain calm and peaceful, positively change your emotional and personality reactions to others, and be transparent to lower energies. Miguel Silva will teach you ways release stuck emotions that keep you from feeling inner peace. Many who work with these Grounded Energy Centers that form the Light Codes power base discover an enhanced ability to stay calm and centered around other people’s energy, an increased ability to feel at ease physically, and to relax physically.

Channeling through Miguel Silva will be open, this means that each individual will receive their unique light body re-calibration.

*Conducted in person or by ZOOM Application (available for international clients)

*Private Session Includes Counseling which will enable me to tailor my work to your individual desires. Session is (90 minutes)





Any persons seeking the services of Ascended Vibrations LLC must be at least 18 years of age.  Information as articles on this web site is presented for the purpose of educational and free exchange of ideas and speech in relation to spirituality and awareness only. It is not intended to diagnose any physical or mental condition or to give advise. It is not intended as a substitute for the advice and treatment of a medical licensed professional. Ascended Vibrations LLC assumes no responsibility or liability of any kind, you are responsible for your own medical treatment and care. Always consult your Medical Doctor if you think you need medical attention and in all cases it is recommended that you continue to follow medical treatment as prescribed by your healthcare professional. Ascended Vibrations LLC is neither a legal counselor nor a health practitioner, nor a licensed health professional and makes no claims in this regard. Ascended Vibrations LLC does not guarantee a cure or prevention of disease and makes no claims in this regard. Ascended Vibrations LLC is an instrument of divine advanced energies which act as a catalyst for your own self-healing. Many benefits have been experienced by others who have received energy work from Ascended Vibrations LLC but understand that what will be the result, depends upon many variables, the most important aspect being your own inner healer.

Ascended Vibrations LLC does not provide any refunds for all services provided. All sales are final, if by any chance you cancel your appointment or have technical issues it will be take in consideration to reschedule a new time and date. This applies to private sessions and group sessions.

Founder of Ascended Vibrations LLC

-Miguel Silva

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