More and more children, all over the world, are naturally gifted with psychic, medium, spiritual abilities and gifts. If a child is genuinely gifted they will display signs from birth. As parents we need to not only understand but become more mindful and nurture the blessings these children possess.

The Signs of a Naturally Gifted Child Become Evident Early

We may notice a gifted child talking to themselves. They may point to things that appear not to be there to us. They will tell us about their dreams and mention loved ones they have never met that have passed.

Most gifted children most always have an imaginary friend with a name and spend much of their time with such friend. This is real and a spirit from the spirit word. The spirit can be a passed loved one or a spirit guide. There is a small percentage of children that invent an imaginary friend but most are real.

These gifted children are shy and sensitive both physically and emotionally. Blessed children may speak of some incident before it has happened, and then it does. Gifted children often have tried to indicate they are someone else, with another name and parents, and what their experiences were. This is generally a past life that wasn’t completely erased before incarnating this life.

Children with these gifts may also be an empath and even not feel comfortable in large crowds. All these are signs of children with psychic, medium, and spiritual gifts. Children may display some or all of these signs. In essence, your child is very open, sensitive and aware of energy.

Every Child has Psychic Predisposition

Every child is psychic. It is upbringing, society, and conditioning whether from teachers or other children. The way children ultimately begin to form their thoughts, beliefs and reality of life is what determines how open they remain. Or, it could just be their destiny. In which case to understand this destiny is how to approach nurturing it.

Psychic and spiritual gifts in children vary from one child to the next, in an interesting array of specialties. Some children may see spirit, have physical phenomena, psychic knowledge etc. Some may have all of these spiritual gifts but some may less.

It is similar to children born with the potential of professional athletic gifts. Some may excel on the basketball court or football field but cannot ever pick up the knack for skating or baseball. Others are born writers but may never be able to carry a tune. Some are born artists but could never perform in a movie etc.

We are all born with some sort of natural God-given gifts. With most of these gifts, there is provided support further education, training, and practice. Most children born with psychic or spiritual gifts are not accepted or encouraged.

Discovering One’s Natural Abilities

When I was a child, I communicated with animals and nature. There were vivid dreams that spoke of the future. I definitely could see and talk with my spirit-guides and the spirits of my deceased relatives and physical phenomena.

I always felt and someone with me, walking next to me, and telling me everything would be okay. This was so normal to me; I did not believe my parents when they said it wasn’t real. I knew better and thought everyone was like this until I went to school and learned the truth.

Feeling alone, there was no support, acceptance, no one to talk to or direct me. I felt very sad, confused and like an outcast. I never lost my gifts as I’m positive it is my destiny. These gifts are a blessing and an honor.

They came with me into adulthood, so I decided to dedicate my life to using them to heal others. I now have a support system, friends that share the same gifts as I, and tutors that have had tutors. These nurturing educators pass along wisdom learned through generations by sharing their experiences. The tutors guide me into understanding my psychic, medium, and spiritual gifts, and how to grow them stronger every day. Children that possess psychic, medium, and spiritual gifts need to have the resources available to them that other born gifts have.

Feeling Compassion for Gifted Children

I feel extremely passionate and compassionate for children with these gifts. They are delicate flowers growing towards the light. They need water and love to unfold their petals of spiritual gifts.

Psychic mediums such as myself have an important role to provide the education to parents interested in knowing how to nurture their children with these gifts. It would be a shame for any more children with these divine/prophetic gifts to grow up feeling as weird, strange, bullied, thinking they were crazy and alone. It can ultimately have an effect on the children as they are so open and don’t know how to deal with what they are experiencing.

For instance, if gifted children have conversations with someone invisible to others’ eyes, we shouldn’t assume there isn’t really someone there. Not to say that some children don’t make this up but most do not. Perhaps by asking the children with this sign it may help them, understand who, what and why someone is communicating with them.

Another example is if the gifted child is teased by teachers, friends, or other family, or punished, it may close down their abilities. If parents and society continuously tell gifted children that he or she is not really experiencing, these open and impressionable children will push away their gifts. The end result will be the denial of these communications to avoid the painful teasing.

We want to encourage our children with natural-born gifts, whether they are art, sports, music or psychic, medium, and spiritual. The current shift in society is positive, but we have a long way to go. Minds are opening up to the possibilities of these gifts within their children. This shift will transition a positive attitude that our children will inherit. We need to keep these gifts generation after generation.

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