Miguel Angel

Ascended Vibrations LLC was founded by Miguel Angel. Miguel Angel works with the realms of Heaven to the center of Earth and beyond. He helps many people from different places of the world align with new frequencies and restore the love they have for themselves and others. His mission is to help those who are sent from above and are ready to consciously accept divine energies with ease, grace, and harmony. Miguel’s passion is helping people create the life that they have long desired. He does this by helping them remember who they are on a Soul level – an unlimited being of light.

Can Miguel Angel Heal Me?

Ascended Vibrations LLC is an instrument of divine advanced energies which act as a catalyst for your own healing. Miguel Angel helps others realize and awaken to the divine and healing energies that are already within themselves.

The Energy Work Process

By channeling divine energy, Miguel Angel will lead you on the way to loving yourself, in your entirety, so that you can learn how to become whole. Through self love and wholeness we learn how to care more deeply for ourselves and others. Miguel Angel provides energy work both remotely and in person. Remotely, he sends energies via thought, emotion, and intention. His energy is filled with the intention to provide his clients with the love that they need to heal themselves.

Help Me Heal

Miguel’s energy work can address many critical issues. Miguel Angel has helped his clients heal from many negative experiences, such as: abuse and trauma, negative thinking and feeling, and having an excess of negative emotions. Negative thinking can deeply affect your life, and is difficult to change alone. Your negative thoughts affect your energy, therefore creating unwanted conditions in the world around you. Miguel will help you locate your blockages and energy disruptions and remove them. He will use psychic and intuitive abilities to locate, analyze, and treat not only you but your energy field.

What to Expect

Everyone’s experience varies depending on their sensitivity to energy. Most commonly, people report feeling a warmth; waves of energy; tingling sensations; deep feelings of relaxation; peace, lightness, and clarity; and a release of burdens. Miguel Angel’s services are rated 5 Stars. Many of his clients have had life-changing experiences that benefit them still to this day.

Getting Started

You deserve healing and to live the life that you have always wanted. To succeed, you must commit your self to healing and living that life. Working with Miguel Angel is a serious commitment. The first step is listening to your higher-self and using your intuition to realize when you are ready to be fully open with your heart and mind. Trusting in yourself and Miguel Angel’s work will help you not only heal yourself but also awaken the latent energy that is within you. Trusting in your self and his work will help you not only heal your self but to awaken your energy. Healing your self and awakening your energy will open your life in many ways. If you are ready to experience Miguel Angel’s loving and professional energy work, review the private services that he performs remotely. Services are provided either via the Zoom conference application or via phone calls.

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